We believe in equity & equality for all

We believe in equity
& equality for all

Our Team Of Volunteers

Our Team Of Volunteers

Pride Across the Bridge runs on the love, energy, and dedication of a powerful team of volunteers. Our leadership board and diverse team of volunteers pave the way for connecting, educating, and celebrating our local queer community! Comprised predominantly of individuals within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community we serve, our team is dedicated to the mission of Pride Across the Bridge. Together, we work to authentically foster love, energy, and dedication in every aspect of our endeavors.

Axton Burton

Executive Director

Axton Burton, an independent business owner since 2016, is a board member of The Emotional Abuse Discussion and co-leader of a local Girl Scout Troop and is the founder of Pride Across the Bridge. Before founding the organization, they created and led the Riverview School District’s first Gay-Straight Alliance. Axton then wrote The Big Book of All Things Queer, a comprehensive book that is an up-to-date and personally vetted resource for Eastside 2SLGBTQIA+ people and beyond, which is widely available at Eastside public schools, local businesses, and healthcare practices.

Since 2013, Axton has been educating medical providers on trans-related healthcare and has been a featured speaker at local groups, city meetings, a NAMI Youth Mental Health Conference, and at CWU. They also created the first all-LGBTQIA+ vendor, creator, performer, and resource event on the Eastside, Redmond Pride.

Axton has also produced a strong record of queer Eastside firsts, some including a self-defense classskydiving group, all-queer comedian showrainbow elder breakfast, queer holiday potluck, and a variety of recurring and one-off programs. In their free time, Axton enjoys spending time with their pets, watching horror movies, playing video games, and trying new food. They also look forward to the fruition of their efforts as Redmond unveiled their first rainbow crosswalk in August of 2023.

James Webster is a multifaceted professional with a passion for acting, voice-over artistry, and 2SLGBTQIA+ activism. Born in the Greater Seattle area, James has established themself as a prominent member of the local arts and advocacy communities. James identifies as genderfluid and holds inclusivity and representation as a priority across all platforms. They earned an AA degree from Bellevue College and have since divided their time between acting, singing, video gaming, and serves as the Vice Chair for Pride Across the Bridge to promote and amplify the voices of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

James is passionate about supporting their partner Axton in all their endeavors, including helping build a 5,000 recycled glass jar greenhouse in Duvall. He takes pride in helping with community events that foster connection, belonging, and creating a lasting impact for their community.

In their free time, James channels their creativity into playing and DM-ing tabletop roleplaying games. They believe in the therapeutic benefits of creating characters that can battle real-world evils in a safe and supportive environment. They are also an avid animal lover, spending time with their own army of cats and embracing all creatures great and small.

James Webster

Vice Chair

Meg Katsellis


A transplant from Florida, Meg has lived in Washington since December 2002. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, she was involved in local Community Theater and  Phi Theta Kappa. She also has a passion for sci-fi conventions, LARPing, historical re-enacting and cosplay- especially Star Trek! She served 7 years as a Board Member of the PTSA at her children’s school, where she contributed to the PTSA being recognized with the “You Rock!” Award in 2014 and she received the Golden Acorn Award in 2016. Although she spent years working in the insurance industry,  Meg’s true passion is helping children, and she has specialized as a local Special Needs Nanny for several decades.

Meg has also served as a Redmond Girl Scout Troop Leader for seven years and has been the local Volunteer Organizer for Troops in West Redmond since 2019. She has loved supporting numerous 2SLGBTQIA+ Scouts, in her own Troop and within the Service Unit. Meg is proud to be supporting and learning about the 2SLGBTQIA+ community both at home and with Pride Across the Bridge. She has been an enthusiastic volunteer at Pride Across the Bridge events, including the queer holiday potluck, and helped make Redmond Pride a success.

Ylana (EE-LAH-nah) Nelson, they/them, is a passionate advocate for social justice. A graduate of Manhattanville College, they majored in Music Management with a minor in Social Justice. Their creativity extends to using music to address personal and community injustices, reinforcing their commitment to equity. They received the prestigious Duchesne Center Scholarship for their commitment to leadership and community service while attending college in New York. Ylana’s journey to amplify marginalized voices began in high school when they co-founded the Minorities in Our School Club (MISC), giving students a place to band together for good.

As a parent and spouse, Ylana is deeply committed to creating a more inclusive world for their family. Their vision is to expand the PAB’s impact, focusing on providing vital resources for young, queer, trans people of color. In their professional career in property management, Ylana serves as a Culture Club Ambassador, ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion, even in their corporate role as an Assistant Community Manager. They play a key role in ensuring resident events are focused on fostering cultural unity.

Beyond community involvement, Ylana is an accomplished musician, performing at local venues on the Eastside. In their downtime, they have a passion for photography, spending quality time with family, cooking, and creating seed bead earrings.

Ylana Nelson

Board Member and
Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Morgan Whitten

Board Member and
Information Technology Expert

Morgan, born in Seattle and now living on the Eastside, has spent a lifetime immersed in the tech landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Her journey started when she wrote her first commercial application at the age of 17, followed by graduating UW with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Systems. With over 25 years in the software industry, she has had a rich tapestry of roles as a software engineer, administrator, team lead, and even as a cybersecurity expert.

Morgan is a passionate advocate for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to launch four startups, and she’s dedicated her time to assisting others in overcoming their technical challenges. Morgan is good at developing robust business processes and excels in researching and implementing solutions to complex problems.

An aspiring musician refining her skills in piano and singing, she hopes to compose some of her own music someday. As a licensed Ham radio operator and outdoor enthusiast, she’s participated in a couple of different Search and Rescue volunteer positions in the past. As a member of the Pride Across the Bridge Board, Morgan is enthusiastic about channeling her positive energy and talents toward creating a more inclusive and connected Eastside community, where individuals feel genuinely loved and supported.​

Kim, Connecticut born and Florida raised, has been happily living in a variety of places in Washington since 1988. Amidst the backdrop of her life, Kim’s heart beats with a deep love for the important things in her life, family and friends are her anchors, the delicate art of crochet, kayaking, chocolate, and comedy.

Throughout her passions, Kim has ben driven to give back to her community. For over a decade, she poured her heart and soul into volunteering with one of the largest guilds at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She also held a role as a Girl Scout troop co-leader for six years as well as twelve years of volunteering in various capacities at her children’s elementary school.

As a passionate ally for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, she has eagerly seized opportunities to make a difference. In the spring of 2023, a simple Facebook post caught her eye, calling for volunteers to refresh the Pride ribbons on the fence at Spark Pizza in Redmond. Without hesitation, Kim marked her calendar and joined the creative collaboration. This community engagement would open new doors, forging valuable connections and providing her with a fulfilling avenue to channel her volunteer energy.

Kim Kaplan Davidson


Milo Valentine

Board Member

Milo is a dedicated individual who is passionate about fostering genuine connections within the queer community. His commitment stems from personal experiences, advocating against homophobia, racism, and capitalism. With a positive attitude and a natural gift for social connections, Milo contributes to the community’s aesthetic experience through visual crafts.

For much of Milo’s Eastside life, community felt elusive until PAB, where he discovered a tangible network of authentic connections. In his chosen family, Rain stands out as a sanctuary, reflecting the profound connections Milo seeks within the broader community. Milo envisions a community where individuals experience unconditional love without the need for struggle.

Supporting the shared dream of overwhelming acceptance within the autistic and queer communities, Milo is an invaluable asset to PAB. With unwavering positivity, he contributes significantly to creating a space where everyone finds acceptance, understanding, and love.​

Milo facilitates our Beyond Binary Connections meetups!