Duvall Pride Wall

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Celebrating Duvall's Diversity "How Far We've Come" Let this art piece be an embrace to a community that has held its breath for far too long to feel seen, trusted, and valued in the valley. Your community is here with you, at home. This installation serves as a symbol of community empowerment and unity, providing a sense of pride and ownership for those involved in its realization. The Evolution of the Duvall "Pride Wall" May 2022: Axton Creates First Rainbow Ribbon Fence Duvall Valley Mail owner Carol Kufeld, inspired by the

Redmond Rainbow Crosswalk

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COMMUNITY ART REDMOND RAINBOW CROSSWALK Visible representation is an integral step for any city to show where it’s values lie. The City of Redmond employees put heart and hard work behind the call to action from residents to install a rainbow crosswalk. This art installation was designed with the input from those who live, work, play and visit Redmond. Photo is the creation of the incredible artist, Jing Jing Wang! Project Timeline November 1st, 2022 : City Hall Meeting A group of local advocates visited city hall

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