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Event Series Event Series: DIY DRAG Workshop

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage? Eastside DIY Community Drag aims to build a welcoming and inclusive environment removing accessibility barriers for those interested in drag for the first time. No matter your style (or whether you are discovering your style), we embrace the silly, the spooky, the sexy, and the weird. We believe that drag is expansive and for everybody!

The pasta-bilities are endless, and with the support of your friendly local queers, we can create the next generation of drag together!

Spring Class Schedule

Every Wednesday, 7-8 pm
WEEK 1: March 6th- Introduction to the Workshop
WEEK 2: March 13th- Character Creation
WEEK 3: March 20th- Relationship Building Potluck/Dinner
WEEK 4: March 27th- Song Selection
WEEK 5: April 3rd- Movement and Moments
WEEK 6: April 10th- Costumes and Props
WEEK 7: April 17th- Makeup and Wigs
WEEK 8: April 24th- Finish Scripting Parts
WEEK 9: May 9th- Rehearsal Week
WEEK 10: May 10th- Show Time!
                    May 11th-Second Show Time!


Meet Your Instructor

Angel of Small Death, or Mx. Angel, is a drag performer born out of a void in the swamps of Florida by the great Joanie Waters. Performing everywhere from pop-punk shows to outer space, to the dark recesses of Zoom, Mx. Angel is a gender-blending friendly local cryptid, lover of ghosts, and only a little bit scared of spiders.

​Known for being mysteriously unknowable, Angel takes inspiration from finger painting raccoons, High School Musical, and Phantom of the Opera. They strive to embody drag that is joyous, expansive, and campier than a camp counselor.

Angel is passionate about both learning and teaching as a discipline of hope, joy, connection, and a way of future building. Angel is a student of bell hooks, Reggio Emilia, and Freedom Dreaming. Filmmaker and activist Tourmaline writes, “A world filled with softness and beauty and care is not only possible but inevitable.” www.nationalequityproject.org/blog/freedom-dreaming

Angel engages in the following Freedom Dreaming practices outlined by Britt Meitzenheimer of the National Equity Project: “Freedom dreaming can be practiced daily, like gratitude or moving and stretching your body. Some options to engage with a daily freedom dreaming practice are: Keep a freedom dream journal. Write daily reflections on your freedom dreams, how you showed up as your most loving self, what you want to hold on to, and what you want to let go of. Share your freedom dreams with others. Freedom dreaming is a practice in collective and interdependent world-building. Share your freedom dreams! Dream big AND small. Building the capacity to exist in a world rooted in justice and freedom starts with everyday acts of transformative justice, healing, and recognizing all of the ways we are already free. Notice how others live their freedom dreams around you. How are you already surrounded by the world you dream of? How is your world already filled with ease? What are small, pleasurable, everyday things that make you feel free? “DIY Community Drag Classes are Angel’s freedom dream! From years as a library worker, peer counselor, events coordinator, teacher, performer with stage fright, and more! Angel brings lived experience as a disabled, queer, trans, unapologetic daydreamer. They strive to bring curiosity to challenges, and people together. Angel works hard to improve the material reality of all those on Earth and to be a good steward in relationship to the Earth itself. Angel dreams of a future with resources, safety, and love, and they believe the future starts now!


Guidelines & Info

-If you need help finding us, please reach out to:
Email: eastside.diy.drag@gmail.com
Google Number: 360-399-6361
Or reach out on IG: @eastside_diy_drag

-This is a safe space for all to take a step into a new world with endless possibilities! Any behavior that goes against the 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community will result in an individual being asked to leave.

-This space is 21+ years old and up. We hope to incorporate different age ranges in the future. A MASK IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES.

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