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Interested in adventure?
Reach out to Dungeon Master James Webster for more info or to get on the waitlist!
Email : ​james.b.webster@outlook.com
Discord @Unevenbutter


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Pride Across the Bridge is thrilled to host this low pressure, no judgment gathering for newbies and veteran gamers alike.

Playing make believe should always be fun, challenging and uplifting! This is a safe space to be vulnerable and put some of yourself into the characters that you bring to life. Here you can fight monsters (literally) and  deal with real life issues through the game. You may not have family or friends or a community that supports you as much as you deserve, but here you do. And if you run into a character who is going to be rude about it, there’s nothing quite as cathartic and healing as telling them off, backed up by a supportive group of fellow adventurers, then exploding them with a fireball. It’s not, strictly speaking, therapy. But it is therapeutic.

Meet the Dungeon Master:​
My name is James Webster (he/they) and tabletop role playing games hold a very special place in my heart, something that I want to bring to every table I’m at. I’m fluent in a number of different systems (2d6, d20 (DnD 5e and Pathfinder 2e), and d100 systems)- you don’t have to know what those mean! I am always able to learn new things if that’s the direction the group would like to go. I’m choosing DnD 5e as the base system because it has enough rules to give it structure with enough wiggle room to keep things fun without having a high ‘buy-in price’ to learn how to play.

​​Tabletop role playing games should always be a safe and fun space. And I am here to try to set paths for as many dreams and goals as one might have. But also, to give you obstacles, things to overcome, not just by yourself but with the support of those around you. Come and join us for tales of high adventure and maximum silliness.

This space takes a trauma informed approach. Feel free to check out our  Consent Checklist.




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