Eden’s Garden

By |March 25, 2024|

Hand-made fairy houses from recycled, repurposed, salvaged, and scavenged materials. As well as jewelry, stickers, and all sorts of crafts. I kind of do it all! Queer + Woman + Indigenous + Disability-Owned @EDENSGARDENFAIRYHOUSES ​ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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Your Name Nails

By |March 24, 2024|

We specialize in unique press on nails, stickers, and more that help tell your story. Your Name Nails is a tribute to where my creativity began. Escaping to fantasy worlds and encountering fantasy problems was always an amazing escape from the world I was in. As I grew older I wanted to stretch that fantasy into this world and make myself feel like the main character of my own story. I started with press on nails for different fandoms including KPOP, books, movies, video games, and more. I even created a set where every nail was for a different member

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Light Beyond Shadow

By |March 24, 2024|

I am a queer Redmond-Based artist, working primarily in printmaking, alternative processes, and fiber arts (felting and yarn-spinning). I am also a lighting designer, focusing mainly on smaller, intimate venues. Periodically, I compose music and write plays. I enjoy capturing nature and playing with texture and alternative methods. I'm also beginning to take a foray into the more morbid: I would describe my style as 'necro-botany': highlighting how life is cyclical, and nature will reclaim what it must. Commissions available. Portfolio/Contact form: llewelynse.wixsite.com/lightbeyondshadow Ko-Fi Site: https://ko-fi.com/lightbeyondshadow Queer + Disability-Owned @LIGHTBYONDSHADOW ​ONLINE ONLY

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The Pink Fishy

By |March 24, 2024|

Artist Name: Tilapia, they / them, I create stickers, prints, comics, and customize older generation Littlest Pet Shop Toys on the side. I also make fan art for anime and cartoons. The best way I can describe my art is Transgressive Pop Art. Through its brutal and bright appearance, I want my work to appease an internal rage everyone has. Even if they pretend they don’t have one. Queer + BIPOC-Owned @_THEPINKFISHY ONLINE ONLY

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Intensely Felt Creations by Anaïsysiria

By |March 24, 2024|

Anaïsysiria (Anaïs) is a queer Latina artist living in Bellevue. She is joyfully loud, and colorful and believes that being silly and so outlandishly herself is how she not only resists but thrives. Her artwork is intensely felt, with bright vivid colors interwoven with poetry. She uses mixed media and digital art. Her prints and frames are available for purchase! Queer + Woman + BIPOC+ Disability + Indigenous-Owned @ANAISYSIRIA ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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Zero Grafics Studio

By |March 24, 2024|

I am a graphic designer based in the Eastside. I have been doing graphic design for 20 years and fabricating tangible goods for about 4 years. Aside from graphic design services, I create (primarily) stickers, pins, and patches addressing a variety of topics and causes that I am passionate about. I *love* connecting with people who share my passions and interests. Queer + Woman-Owned @ZERO_GRAFICS ​ONLINE ONLY

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Wolfberry Studio LLC

By |March 24, 2024|

Wolfberry Studio creates fantasy/sci-fi illustrations and LGBTQIA2S+ history/folklore presentations centering POC. ​Check out our projects at https://wolfberrystudio.com Queer + BIPOC-Owned @WOLFBERRYSTUDIO ​ONLINE ONLY

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Tessa Mo Art

By |March 24, 2024|

Hello, I'm Tessa! I make art inspired by my love of nature and animals. I have loved painting my whole life and try to have as much fun with the process as I can. While my fiancé and I run our own dog-oriented business I try to spend as much time as I can painting as well. I make custom pet portraits with oil paints that make my heart so happy and make watercolor and digital art just for myself! I am hoping to do more craft fairs and events in the future and I appreciate everyone who has been

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Sevenish Magpies

By |February 14, 2024|

We design, make, and sell a fine selection of mostly hardwood pins, jewelry, and delightful shinies. Cute and classy, with a dash of cozy and sassy. Queer + Woman + BIPOC-Owned @SEVENISHMAGPIES ONLINE & IN-PERSON  

Geo’s Art Shop

By |February 14, 2024|

Hello! I am Geo and I’m an acrylic painter, I live in Lynnwood but do commissions and sell my work online and all over Washington. I was once known as Geo the Giraffe and I painted outside the Redmond Trader Joe’s. I am genderfluid, pansexual, and polyamorous and live with my partner and metamour. My mission is to bring joy to all who see the things I’ve created in hopes that that one small moment will be the one that makes a difference for someone. Queer + Woman + Disability-Owned @GEOSARTSHOP In-Person & Online

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