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By |April 3, 2024|

Xiomi is a singer, songwriter, producer, and a proud Guatemalteca. She makes music to inspire, empower, and to remind everyone that they are a bad bitch.  Xiomi is a passionate, community-driven individual and is always excited to meet new faces. Come say hi! <3 Queer + Woman + BIPOC + Indigenous-Owned ​@XIOMIISME ONLINE & IN-PERSON​

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Kenbie Enby

By |March 24, 2024|

A Drag Artist and Queer Educator with a love for children's literature! They have an ever growing, diverse library of children's books that they would love to share with the community through Drag Storytime. Mx. Kenbie's focus is on Drag Storytime, however they are open to any family-friendly Drag/LGBTQ+ events, including private events Kenbie Enby is Genderfluid Drag Artist for 18+ audiences. They are a lip sync performer, with an emphasis on gender play, trans and queer joy, and activism. Mx. Kenbie / Kenbie Enby are open to volunteer opportunities. Visit their Instagram(s) for more info and to book! Queer

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Diesel Blaze Haze-Desire

By |March 24, 2024|

I am a thespian/Artist/Performer. I have been putting art on everything that stands still, and some things that do not for over 30 years. I currently perform at the Mirkwood Public House every Monday night and when possible I post those to my Youtube channel. I am working on several coloring books of the Greek, Norse, and Celtic Gods and Goddess'. And I am working on a full color book of portraits of drag performers I know or have met, in hopes that if I can publish it I can give a percentage to help get chest and breast plates

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Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble (STANCE)

By |March 24, 2024|

Puget Sound's first choir by and for trans and nonbinary singers, we provide a community free of gendered expectations where we can explore and express ourselves through music. By building a community of trans and nonbinary singers, we aim to foster an environment where changing voices are authentically embraced. Our vision is an inclusive and accessible singing community where intersecting identities are centered at all levels of the organization. Queer + Woman + Disability-Owned @STANCECHOIR IN-PERSON

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By |March 24, 2024|

We are the musicians Lytal & Alina (LYTALINA, get it?). We have been passionate about music for our entire lives. After meeting in 2019, our combined musical journey began almost immediately. We are finally, now, performing shows and beginning to record music to share with everyone. We would be honored if you want to come along for the journey. 🎶 We are open to all sorts of gigs and collaborations in the area. We're looking for our people! ❤️ Queer + Woman-Owned @LYTALINAMUSIC IN-PERSON

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Elizabeth Hill & the Valley Folk

By |March 24, 2024|

An intergenerational band that blends traditional mountain music with other musical styles. Picking old-time sounds along with originals, experimentation, and improvisation, the Valley Folk delivers its own brand of Americana. Elizabeth Hill & the Valley Folk enjoy playing for all ages and diverse audiences. Queer + Woman-Owned @ELIZABETH HILL & THE VALLEY FOLK ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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By |February 14, 2024|

Regime Forfeit: Indie folk rock with powerhouse vocals and dissonant tones. Emotive lyrics explore growth and introspection. Name symbolizes embracing change. Over 25 years in music, returning with passion and connections from Redmond. Advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Join the journey of authenticity and transformative art. ​Queer + BIPOC + Disability-Owned @REGIMEFORFEIT

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Maya Mem Saab

By |February 14, 2024|

Meet “Maya Mem Saab”, a South Indian drag queen with a Bollywood-infused spirit. Her name “Maya” means “illusion”, “Mem” and “Saab” is Hindi for “Madam” and “Sir”. A true representation of their non-binary self. From dancing in solitude to captivating stages, Maya embraces their passion for Indian music, ready to dazzle the world with charisma and charm. Queer + BIPOC-Owned @MAYAMEMSAABQUEEN

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Big Banging Babe

By |February 14, 2024|

A fabulous up-and-coming plus-size performance artist. Radiating self-love, genuine body positivity, and authentic liberation! ​Queer + Woman-Owned

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