Sage, Barber @ Rudy’s

By |May 20, 2024|

I am a queer trans masc identified barber of 6 years, specialized in short masculine styled haircuts and beard trims. I love being able to give gender affirming services to the community and connecting with people. My attention to detail and relaxed attitude are things that clients have appreciated. I take pride in my work and look forward to making a difference for queer folx. I also participate at Redmond Pride by giving out free haircuts annually! Some features of my shop include: not using gendered prices for services, gender neutral single stalls, accessibility for disabled individuals, adaptable to sensory

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My Mossy Heart

By |May 20, 2024|

I’m a queer photographer capturing the human connection with Nature. I prioritize co-creating a space where my clients feel empowered in their authentic self-expression. All identities and all bodies are welcome and worthy of being captured through my lens! Affirming the identities of my subjects is incredibly important to me. These sessions are about so much more than pretty pictures. They are about connection with the self and the Forest, vulnerability, authenticity and catharsis. About being unburdened by the human construct of self-consciousness and connecting with the Earth. About seeing yourself as an extension of the Natural world. About releasing

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Voice of the Bear Consulting

By |May 5, 2024|

Welcome to Voice of the Bear Consulting, an award-winning marketing and design powerhouse nestled in the picturesque town of Carnation, Washington. With a trophy case boasting multiple Emmys and World Design Awards, we’ve carved our niche as the storytellers of choice for businesses seeking to captivate their audience. From crafting compelling marketing strategies to designing captivating visuals, Voice of the Bear is your trusted partner in all things creative. In addition to being the Creative Principle of Voice of the Bear Consulting, Gregory Jamiel is also the Founder of Snovalley Pride, a Snoqualmie Valley nonprofit dedicated to making life better,

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Freelance Illustration + Tech Support

By |March 28, 2024|

I am a freelance illustrator and IT professional. My specialty is digital illustration, including character design, concept art, figure drawing, 3D modeling, and am learning stable diffusion and deepfacelab. I can draw/model anything, like portraits, landscapes, animals, weapons, vehicles and fractals. I am a certified IT professional + network support specialist, experienced in maintenance, repairs, upgrades and am familiar with most operating systems. IT services include: Computer repairs/maintenance Wireless/wired networking Malware removal Data backup Upgrades/repairs/replacements Task automation Operating system/software installation Queer + Disability-Owned TWITTER: @NEXVIOLENTUS ​DISCORD: NARCORUBIO ONLINE ONLY

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Eden’s Garden

By |March 25, 2024|

Hand-made fairy houses from recycled, repurposed, salvaged, and scavenged materials. As well as jewelry, stickers, and all sorts of crafts. I kind of do it all! Queer + Woman + Indigenous + Disability-Owned @EDENSGARDENFAIRYHOUSES ​ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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Diesel Blaze Haze-Desire

By |March 24, 2024|

I am a thespian/Artist/Performer. I have been putting art on everything that stands still, and some things that do not for over 30 years. I currently perform at the Mirkwood Public House every Monday night and when possible I post those to my Youtube channel. I am working on several coloring books of the Greek, Norse, and Celtic Gods and Goddess'. And I am working on a full color book of portraits of drag performers I know or have met, in hopes that if I can publish it I can give a percentage to help get chest and breast plates

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Your Name Nails

By |March 24, 2024|

We specialize in unique press on nails, stickers, and more that help tell your story. Your Name Nails is a tribute to where my creativity began. Escaping to fantasy worlds and encountering fantasy problems was always an amazing escape from the world I was in. As I grew older I wanted to stretch that fantasy into this world and make myself feel like the main character of my own story. I started with press on nails for different fandoms including KPOP, books, movies, video games, and more. I even created a set where every nail was for a different member

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Light Beyond Shadow

By |March 24, 2024|

I am a queer Redmond-Based artist, working primarily in printmaking, alternative processes, and fiber arts (felting and yarn-spinning). I am also a lighting designer, focusing mainly on smaller, intimate venues. Periodically, I compose music and write plays. I enjoy capturing nature and playing with texture and alternative methods. I'm also beginning to take a foray into the more morbid: I would describe my style as 'necro-botany': highlighting how life is cyclical, and nature will reclaim what it must. Commissions available. Portfolio/Contact form: llewelynse.wixsite.com/lightbeyondshadow Ko-Fi Site: https://ko-fi.com/lightbeyondshadow Queer + Disability-Owned @LIGHTBYONDSHADOW ​ONLINE ONLY

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The Pink Fishy

By |March 24, 2024|

Artist Name: Tilapia, they / them, I create stickers, prints, comics, and customize older generation Littlest Pet Shop Toys on the side. I also make fan art for anime and cartoons. The best way I can describe my art is Transgressive Pop Art. Through its brutal and bright appearance, I want my work to appease an internal rage everyone has. Even if they pretend they don’t have one. Queer + BIPOC-Owned @_THEPINKFISHY ONLINE ONLY

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Tammy’s Flower Shop with Love

By |March 24, 2024|

Flowers for all occasions! Fresh flowers or silk. We are excited to bring your vision to life. Queer + Woman-Owned @TAMMYSFLOWERSHOPWITHLOVE ONLINE ONLY

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