Rudy’s Barbershop

By |May 1, 2024|

Rudy's is the queer-owned barbershop catering to all things hair. In 1993, we opened our first shop in the grungy heart of Seattle driven by a simple idea: create a place where all of our friends could hang out and leave feeling better than when they arrive. We didn’t know we’d end up setting a new standard for hair. Hell, we didn’t even know we’d make it past our first month. Our take on the modern barbershop caught on, and Rudy’s started to grow. Along the way we sold tickets for some well-known local bands, tattooed customers, made art with

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LWUMC Kirkland

By |April 3, 2024|

OVERNIGHT PARKING FOR WOMEN AND FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 18 Lake Washington United Methodist Church offers their parking lot as a safe place for women and families with children under 18 living in their cars to park and sleep in their cars. There is a short intake process and background check required. Organization’s statement on welcoming LGBTQ+ people from their Mission Statement: ​ "We affirm all people to be of sacred worth – including those of every ability, age, race, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration, economic and housing status, and religious background. As a Reconciling Church, we support full

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Friends of Youth

By |April 3, 2024|

DAYTIME PUBLIC SPACE: ​WITH SERVICES M-F 8:30 AM–5 PM CALL AHEAD: (425) 449-3868   OVERNIGHT SUPPORT: Open 24 Hours CALL AHEAD: (425) 449-3868    

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Services By Ashley J

By |March 25, 2024|

If you ever need help with an event or project I may be the solution you're looking for. Or maybe you just need to outsource some tasks so you can get time back in your day. I can help with everything from event booths, cat sitting, and errands, to home decluttering. I am licensed and primarily serve Kirkland, Woodinville, and Redmond but can often accommodate outlying areas as well. Queer + Woman-Owned @SERVICESBYASHLEYJ ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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By |March 24, 2024|

We are the musicians Lytal & Alina (LYTALINA, get it?). We have been passionate about music for our entire lives. After meeting in 2019, our combined musical journey began almost immediately. We are finally, now, performing shows and beginning to record music to share with everyone. We would be honored if you want to come along for the journey. 🎶 We are open to all sorts of gigs and collaborations in the area. We're looking for our people! ❤️ Queer + Woman-Owned @LYTALINAMUSIC IN-PERSON

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Heal with Crystal​

By |March 24, 2024|

She is an energy and sound healer. She offers sound baths, Reiki & Theta Healing as well as mediumship. Heal with Crystal is a newly out queer woman living in Kirkland. She wears her heart on her sleeve and uses radical vulnerability as her praxis. The postpartum and perinatal period also has a place in her heart and she offers support, guidance, and training to those going through what she also went through. She offers 1:1, small group, and large group sessions. Queer + Woman-Owned @HEAL.WITH.CRYSTAL ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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