Rudy’s Barbershop

By |May 1, 2024|

Rudy's is the queer-owned barbershop catering to all things hair. In 1993, we opened our first shop in the grungy heart of Seattle driven by a simple idea: create a place where all of our friends could hang out and leave feeling better than when they arrive. We didn’t know we’d end up setting a new standard for hair. Hell, we didn’t even know we’d make it past our first month. Our take on the modern barbershop caught on, and Rudy’s started to grow. Along the way we sold tickets for some well-known local bands, tattooed customers, made art with

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SMU Productions

By |March 29, 2024|

SMU Productions is a haven encouraging self-expression through dance, arts, and health awareness, with a special focus on the LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and Latin communities. Our inclusive space, promoting holistic health through yoga and hydration, champions diversity, nurturing joy and unity for people from all backgrounds. Queer + Woman + BIPOC + Indigenous-Owned @SMUPRODUCTIONS ​ONLINE & IN-PERSON

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Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble (STANCE)

By |March 24, 2024|

Puget Sound's first choir by and for trans and nonbinary singers, we provide a community free of gendered expectations where we can explore and express ourselves through music. By building a community of trans and nonbinary singers, we aim to foster an environment where changing voices are authentically embraced. Our vision is an inclusive and accessible singing community where intersecting identities are centered at all levels of the organization. Queer + Woman + Disability-Owned @STANCECHOIR IN-PERSON

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The Hungry Lyon Cookie Co.

By |March 24, 2024|

The Hungry Lyon Cookie Co. specializes in customized, hand-decorated sugar cookies. We create lasting memories by making your sweetest moments even sweeter! We also offer gourmet drop cookies, cookie cutters, and decorating classes. The Hungry Lyon Cookie Co. is run by the baker/artist, Michelle and her partner/math wiz, Rhys. What started as a creative outlet during Covid has now become Michelle’s full-time job! Everything is made out of our apartment in downtown Redmond. We are a fully licensed Cottage Home Bakery. If you can think of it, we can cookie it! Queer + Woman-Owned @THEHUNGRYLYONCOOKIECO ONLINE ONLY - Serving the

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Maya Mem Saab

By |February 14, 2024|

Meet “Maya Mem Saab”, a South Indian drag queen with a Bollywood-infused spirit. Her name “Maya” means “illusion”, “Mem” and “Saab” is Hindi for “Madam” and “Sir”. A true representation of their non-binary self. From dancing in solitude to captivating stages, Maya embraces their passion for Indian music, ready to dazzle the world with charisma and charm. Queer + BIPOC-Owned @MAYAMEMSAABQUEEN

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Geo’s Art Shop

By |February 14, 2024|

Hello! I am Geo and I’m an acrylic painter, I live in Lynnwood but do commissions and sell my work online and all over Washington. I was once known as Geo the Giraffe and I painted outside the Redmond Trader Joe’s. I am genderfluid, pansexual, and polyamorous and live with my partner and metamour. My mission is to bring joy to all who see the things I’ve created in hopes that that one small moment will be the one that makes a difference for someone. Queer + Woman + Disability-Owned @GEOSARTSHOP In-Person & Online

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