My Mossy Heart



I’m a queer photographer capturing the human connection with Nature. I prioritize co-creating a space where my clients feel empowered in their authentic self-expression. All identities and all bodies are welcome and worthy of being captured through my lens! Affirming the identities of my subjects is incredibly important to me. These sessions are about so much more than pretty pictures. They are about connection with the self and the Forest, vulnerability, authenticity and catharsis. About being unburdened by the human construct of self-consciousness and connecting with the Earth. About seeing yourself as an extension of the Natural world. About releasing shame and finding home in your body. About grounding into the present. I primarily work in the Forests of Issaquah. I give 5% of session fees to the Snoqualmie tribe to acknowledge their rightful ownership of the land. I love working with individuals, partners, friends and occasionally events if they align with my gaze. You can see my rates, philosophy, and more at

Queer + Woman-Owned


Online & In-Person

Issaquah, WA