Your Name Nails



We specialize in unique press on nails, stickers, and more that help tell your story. Your Name Nails is a tribute to where my creativity began. Escaping to fantasy worlds and encountering fantasy problems was always an amazing escape from the world I was in. As I grew older I wanted to stretch that fantasy into this world and make myself feel like the main character of my own story. I started with press on nails for different fandoms including KPOP, books, movies, video games, and more. I even created a set where every nail was for a different member of my D&D adventuring party. I’m slowly shifting into other aspects to make every moment feel special/

All nails are custom-made to your specifications and take 2-4 weeks from order to delivery depending on the level of difficulty. I now have papercrafts, stickers, and more coming soon. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more! I hope you feel like a main character every day.

Queer + Woman + Disability-Owned