Rainbow Elder Breakfast

We cherish our LGBTQ+ elders and believe that magical and meaningful connections can happen at any age. These breakfasts give folks 50+ a chance to connect with each other, eat good food and  enjoy a morning boost of community that the Eastside has been long overdue for.
Pride Across the Bridge is partnering with the marvelous ​​​Sno-Valley Senior Center to create this space.

We meet on the first Saturday of each month at different locations on the Eastside from 10:30am-12pm.

This is a free to attend event with food and drink available for purchase, but not required! If you would like assistance with paying for a bill, please let our facilitator Axton Burton know. Financial barriers should not be the hurdle to you enjoyably connecting with your community.

Contact us for any questions:
Info@PrideAcrossTheBridge.org or (971) 380-5873


July 6th – Redmond Family Pancake House
August 3rd – North Bend Bar & Grill
September 7th – Carnation Cafe
October 5th – Redmond Family Pancake House
November 2nd – North Bend Bar & Grill
December 7th – Carnation Cafe

Guidelines & Info

-If you need help finding us, please reach out to:
(971) 380-5873 or

-This is a safe space for all. Any behavior that goes against the 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community will result in an individual being asked to leave.

-Feel free to bring friends/family if they will make you more comfortable. Caregivers are welcome to join in!

Confidentiality Policy: PAB is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for our 2SLGBTQIA+ elders. All shared information within the group, including gender identity, sexual orientation, and personal experiences, must remain confidential and not be disclosed without explicit consent. Members have the right to anonymity, and no one should feel pressured to reveal personal details. By participating, members agree to adhere to this policy.