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Save the date : August 31, 2024

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Please consider being a sponsor of Redmond Pride 2024~

Please consider being a sponsor of Redmond Pride 2024~

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August 31, 2024

Downtown Park • Redmond, WA • 12-5pm

We are thrilled to return to Downtown Park for our third year of celebrating Pride in Redmond, WA! For now, mark your calendars and save Saturday, August 31st to gather with our community and celebrate our community once again! Stay tuned to this page as we get closer to the event to learn more about the amazing and fun performers and talented vendors we have joining us this year. The sprinklers will be on for this event too, so prepare to get wet if you would like to!

Want to help? Consider donating through our Amazon Wishlist!

Want to help? Consider donating through our Amazon Wishlist!

Redmond Pride FAQs

Our event is proud to be outside of the increasingly overbooked Pride Month for a myriad of reasons.  While it’s thrilling that June holds so many events for our LGBTQ+ community to celebrate, it truly takes a toll not only on the energy of attendees who want to go to all of these spaces, but our vendors and performers. Having Redmond Pride in a slightly cooler month gives our incredible LGBTQ+ individuals, businesses, and talent the time to restock and fully recover, come September to fully engage with the community in a way that that they deserve to! Our community doesn’t just work hard during June and deserves to be seen and celebrated throughout the year. We believe that offering space for our people and elevating those doing incredible work for our community a couple months after one that is packed with festivities helps maintain mental health for all and gives support and resources to everyone throughout the year, not just halfway through it. 

We are honored to welcome a diverse range of vendors and performers to Redmond Pride, creating a space that celebrates the talents and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. Our event showcases incredible local LGBTQ+ individuals, businesses, creators, equity and equality-focused organizations, and queer performers. Unlike many other events that charge unreachably high fees just to have a vendor table, we are happy to offer a $50 table charge for our vendors. We empathize that financial constraints can be a barrier, and we are ready to waive this fee for those who ask for support. Our mission is to provide a platform that highlights the exceptional work being done by and for our queer community in our own backyard. We believe in creating space and empowering individuals who may not have had previous opportunities to take the stage and are committed to offering space for young and new vendors and performers to showcase their passions, while tearing down the barriers that many face simply entering a new environment. It’s crucial for us to listen to and cater to the needs of the community we serve when organizing this special event. While we may receive criticism for declining sponsorship from larger businesses that require a booth at our event, we remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining this space for our LGBTQ+ community to shine. Our priority is to uplift and share the exciting resources and hearts in our community and firmly believe that by doing so, we can foster an environment that fosters growth, support, and unity.

To learn more about the selection process click here.

At Redmond Pride, we strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees. Our event showcases the amazing talent, creativity, and resources that the LGBTQ+ community has to offer. We embrace diverse expressions of art and body positivity and fight the negative stigma behind body positivity. Given the history and continuation of censorship of Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Agender, Asexual, and Aromantic people, bodies, ideas, and artwork, it is critical to offer an event that allows these communities to show up and be celebrated as they are and for many such individuals, that includes expressing themselves in ways that may be seen as risqué. With so many Pride events trying to sanitize the way they are perceived, and so many places trying to outlaw queer expression, it is important to us that Redmond Pride be a place where our community can express themselves freely. To ensure parents can make the most comfortable choice for their family, we have placed any vendors and performers with risqué material towards the side of the venue furthest from the stage. We also have youth focused vendors, all-inclusive craft spaces, and games for all ages throughout our venue!

Downtown Park has a splashpad in front of the stage~ we plan to turn these on if the weather gets hot, so bring your suits!

Redmond Pride works hard to be a safe event for everyone in our community. We’re thrilled to partner with an experienced LGBTQIA+ majority security team instead of relying on Redmond’s Police Department. Our organization, Pride Across the Bridge, will have free earbuds at our table to offer support to keep everyone’s audio reception enjoyable! Our sensory friendly/relax and enjoy booths will be in the center of the event, with soft rugs, cozy chairs, and even feature a couple of drag story times! We will also have a couple of wonderful photographers at our event.

Downtown Park

16101 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Join YogaSix for a pre-event yoga session from 10-10:45 on the wooden deck of the Downtown Park, near the grass!

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Each year Pride Across the Bridge aims to feature a theme that highlights a queer-owned business doing incredible work for our community.

This year’s “Dive Into Diversity” theme is for our Seattle-based business, The Seattle Mermaid School!

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