Voting Local

Each city has elected officials that YOU put into power. Make sure they stand for your values, and are held accountable for the transparent betterment of our 2SLGBTQIA+ & BIPOC communities. Below are Eastside cities that have their mayor & city council members contact info.
Remember, these people work for you!

How to make a public comment:

Making a public comment is an effective way to reach out to your local leaders and share your thoughts on matters that are important to you and your community. Your input can have a significant impact on local decisions and policies. There are two primary methods for making public comments in our Eastside cities:

In-Person Board Meetings:
Each city has its own regulations regarding in-person board meetings. These regulations typically include guidelines on how long each person can share their public comment during a meeting. These in-person meetings provide an opportunity to voice your concerns directly to your local leaders and engage with them in a more personal manner.

Email Correspondence:
Another method for sharing your public comment is through email correspondence with your local leaders. Many city councils and mayors encourage residents to reach out via email. Please note that whether your email will be read aloud during council meetings may vary based on each city’s regulations. A lot of times, your mayor, their aid, and council members will return your email.

To assist you in making effective public comments, we’ve compiled easy-to-understand resources from the Seattle Human Services Coalition. These resources provide templates and guidelines on how to construct a compelling public comment. Utilizing these tools can help you make your voice heard and convey your concerns more effectively.

Public Comment 101

Public Comment Two Minute Script

Public Comment One Minute Script

We encourage you to use these resources to enhance the impact of your public comments and actively engage with your local leaders in shaping our community’s future!