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Voice of the Bear Consulting

By |May 5, 2024|

Welcome to Voice of the Bear Consulting, an award-winning marketing and design powerhouse nestled in the picturesque town of Carnation, Washington. With a trophy case boasting multiple Emmys and World Design Awards, we’ve carved our niche as the storytellers of choice for businesses seeking to captivate their audience. From crafting compelling marketing strategies to designing captivating visuals, Voice of the Bear is your trusted partner in all things creative. In addition to being the Creative Principle of Voice of the Bear Consulting, Gregory Jamiel is also the Founder of Snovalley Pride, a Snoqualmie Valley nonprofit dedicated to making life better,

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Rudy’s Barbershop

By |May 1, 2024|

Rudy's is the queer-owned barbershop catering to all things hair. In 1993, we opened our first shop in the grungy heart of Seattle driven by a simple idea: create a place where all of our friends could hang out and leave feeling better than when they arrive. We didn’t know we’d end up setting a new standard for hair. Hell, we didn’t even know we’d make it past our first month. Our take on the modern barbershop caught on, and Rudy’s started to grow. Along the way we sold tickets for some well-known local bands, tattooed customers, made art with

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Sheila Loesch LLC ​Writing & Editing

By |March 29, 2024|

I’m a queer freelance writer & editor with 10+ years of experience in business editing and manuscript editing. I’d love to support small, local, minority-owned businesses with copywriting and/or copy editing. I also work with authors to edit their fiction or non-fiction manuscripts, novellas, essays, or short stories. I prioritize supporting writers belonging to marginalized communities whose voices are not well represented in publishing (such as BIPOC, Trans, and Queer writers and writers with disabilities) with lower-cost editing services. Queer + Woman-Owned @EDITORSHEILA ONLINE ONLY

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Whole Valley Therapy

By |March 29, 2024|

We're a queer-centered, intersectional feminist counseling clinic practicing from an anti-oppressive/liberation lens. Our practice rests on a belief that the human condition is one of connectedness and interdependence. Through this lens we see the need for our daily practice to be embodied, oriented toward social justice, and tending to our natural concerns of abandonment and oppression. We open our services and our hearts, especially to those who have felt themselves marginalized or outcast by the very systems (families, religions, cultures, etc.) that should have held them close. Queer + Woman-Owned ONLINE & IN-PERSON ​ 15315 1ST AVE NE, SUITE 216

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Wicked Beauty Bar

By |March 28, 2024|

A queer-owned salon catering to all things beauty. Mac (they/them), the passionate and talented owner of Wicked Beauty Bar. As a queer, non-binary stylist, they have a deep love for every facet of the beauty industry and a burning desire to ensure that everyone they work with feels valued and included. Queer-Owned @WICKEDBEAUTY_BAR IN-PERSON ONLY

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J.B.Web VO

By |March 27, 2024|

A local voiceover artist for all of your audio needs! Books read, commercial voice actor, or poetry recited! Whatever it is you're looking for, J.B.Web is here to provide it! Queer-Owned @J.B.WEB ​ONLINE ONLY

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Immediate Relief Pet Services

By |March 25, 2024|

We have a passion for taking care of domestic and exotic animals. IRPS is run by the Axton, the Executive Director of Pride Across the Bridge. They were the caretaker of kangaroos and wallabies for 5 years before moving to Redmond and opening their own business in 2015. Axton offers mid-day dog group adventures and client home visits for cats, dogs, rodents, birds, farm animals, and more. Queer-Owned @IMMEDIATE.RELIEF.PET.SERVICES IN-PERSON ONLY

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